Your coinz' account
How to get coinz'?
Convert premz' into coinz'
Coinz' is the main currency in Horzer, that you will use on a daily basis to take care of your horses, purchase items in the shop, pay for registration fees for your horses in equestrian centers, buy more horses on the market, etc.

It is up to you to manage your expenses and income so that you can increase your coinz'!
Your coinz' account
The number of coinz' you have is permanently displayed at the top of the page.

Click on it to get details of your account. You will also see all the operations that have cost you or earned you coinz' over the last 14 days.
You can even consult the figures for a particular horse or breeding.
How to get coinz'?
If you don't have many coinz' left, you have to credit some on your account.

-The easiest way is to credit coinz' thanks to premz'. Note that for each additional presence day, you get 10 coinz' more when crediting with 1 premz'.

There are other ways to get coinz':
-By converting premz' into coinz'.
-By finding a well paid job in an equestrian center.
-By finishing among the best during equestrian competitions.
-By performing specific actions that directly get you coinz'.
-By opening an equestrian center and earning a wage.
-When you sell your horses.
-When you wish to publish an offer to organize a mating.
-By exploring the game leisurely and finding surprises.
-By playing the games and contests organized by the website administrators.
-By sponsoring your friends and encouraging them to play Horzer.
-And many other ways!
Convert premz' into coinz'
You can convert one or several premz' into coinz' at anytime.

The number of coinz' you'll get depends on:
- your experience:  10 more for every extra presence day;
- your reputation in the game:  1 more per reputation point.

For members of the Horzer Club, this gain is increased by 20%.