The Danube Delta horse has come to us from Romania!

The Danube Delta horse has come to us from Romania!

We are celebrating Romania at the moment on Horzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games, which gives you the opportunity to treat your equine friends to a number of items from Count Dracula’s home country that have made an appearance in the shop.

To complete the picture, a new breed of horse has just arrived from the country: the Danube Delta horse.  This is a breed of horse that has returned to a wild state and, as the name implies, it occupies the delta of the Danube in Romania.

If you are attracted by the the wild nature of the Delta Danube horse, head for the Cave of Secrets where it is available to everyone for just 3 Premz'.

There is a little surprise in store, because this breed that is in a category of its own is on offer to you with no fewer than 4 different coats: black, dark brown bay, brown bay and bay. In other words, if you adopt several Danube Delta horses, they may well have different appearances.
The icing on the cake, if you adopt this robust horse, it that is comes with an exclusive background of a haunted castle... Your new horse will really stand out in this great setting!

So what are you waiting for? 

P.S.: Be sure to remember to share links  to your Danube Delta horses in the comments to collect as many votes as you can! 

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