Greenville High *teen human rp*

~We strive to be teens, but strive to have one message~

Greenville High!!

Here at Greenville high school we are a normal High School for players to make either students, teachers or other and rp.  

~We (students) send a message, speaking pride, courage, strength and immunity, us, we students fight for what we want!, what WE stand for, what we need~

This school is for everyone, there are intelligent students and maybe some troublesome kids but everyone likes a bit of personality. 

You can have whatever character you want, your character MUST stand by these rules the school has, and no one can protest against them either

( Be careful with swear words or you'll be chucked out of the school and reported to moderators.

( Try to keep sexual scenes and definitely no sexual pictures all this needs to go and stay OUT of mind please.

( Try to be realistic, the world is normal, aliens haven't invaded so please be normal and truthful. (Lol! XD)

( Follow all Horzer rules thanks!

Now lets get started with making a *RP* character for you!

When you make a rp character you must chose either a student, a teacher or other so when I say other I mean like cleaner, grounds keeper you know that sort of thing. If a student or teacher you must decide what year they will be in since we are a High School we have YR 7,YR8,YR9,YR10,YR11 or YR 12 you chose, with students and teachers.

You can make up to 16 characters, if your character hasn't rped for a least one month they could possibly be deleted from the school so remember to keep them updated.


Name: You chose

Year: Either YR7,8,9,10,11 or 12 you choose

Crush: Optional

GF/BF: Optional, if you don't have one don't say.

Bio: What's your characters bio? explain 

Hobbies/specialities: Do they have specialities or hobbies? explain.

Played By: Your player name here 


Name: Must start with Mr, Ms or Miss then their last name and just first name to be lettered like this Mr J Simpson (okay?)

Year I teach: What year? 7,8,9,10,11 or 12?

Subject: You chose either English, Technology, Gym(sports),Literacy, Mathematics, Science, HSIE (history and geography) or Creative Arts (please make sure there is only one of these teachers in each year that is doing the only 1 teacher subject, eg. there can't be 2 science teachers only 1)

Bio/personality: Please tell

Played By: Your player name here 


Name: You choose.

My job: What job? you choose

Spouse: Husband or Wife?

Kids: Got any kids?

Bio/Interests: Please tell.

Played By: your player name here


Lets meet the Teachers!

Name: Miss L. Haggard

Year I teach: Year 7

Subject: Geography/History HSIE

Bio: Born in a little town south of the UK she studied and learnt in the little town. She soon started taking a liking to science and geography but grew up hooked on geography. She stays at Greenville High School, she has been in the school for more than 3 years and loves teaching the students, this is the nicest ones that want to learn from her knowledge.  

Personality: She is kind, but can be cunning, her mind travels far when she is with students, she likes to be realistic and show confidence to the rudest of students, she can be quite kind though in teaching rude students.

Played By: puppylover1244


Name: Mr S. Carget

Year I Teach: Year 7

Subject: Mathematics

Bio: Found maths difficult but now likes it and finds it the most easiest subject. 

Personality: Full of confidence, rude to the ones who don't listen and vague.

Played By: puppylover1244

Name: Mrs Flinch

Year I teach: 10

Subject: Gym

Bio/personality: Oh, I can't be bothered, it's all simple really *in a hiding voice*

Played By:  puppylover1244

Name: Mr. C. Elliot  

Year I Teach: YR 10  

 Subject: Science  

 Bio: He grew up in a countryside and moved to the city for his studies. He is a new teacher in Greenville high

Personality: kind, teaches in a fun and interactive way, takes time to get to know the children, isn't normally rude but can be if the students are mischievous  

Played by: mariasona  

Lets meet the students!


 her phone her room

Name: Abby

Year: 10

Crush: I will find one! 

GF/BF: wants

Bio: (I need to do when I don't have a fuzzy hed)

Hobbies/specialities: Her hobbies are art, going to the mall (is that even a hobby?) .

Played By: puppylover1244


Name: Georgia 'Georgie'

Year: 10

Crush: None

GF/BF: Umhph None duuh!

Bio: She grew up in the country then moved to the city, she hates it but found her best friend Abby, the both have started having ups and downs and aren't getting along together as much as she wishes. 

Hobbies/specialities: She loves horse riding and misses it to death, she loves learning about Geography most.

Played By: puppylover1244

Name: Priscilla Lawrence

Year: YR 10

Crush: none yet

Bio: She lives in a big house with her parents. She's the only child of her parents and has always wanted a brother. When she met Lance he fell right into the brother category. He had all the qualities she wanted in a brother and considers him her brother more than her best friend 

 Hobbies/ soecialities: she loves music and plays the piano. She is also a cheerleader and loves spending time with friends. She lives animals at volunteers at the pet shelter during weekends.She manages to always ace her tests

 Played by: mariasona  

Name: Lance Clark

Year: YR 10

Crush: I might have someone in mind

Bio: His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother in an apartment. He has two elder siblings are both have gone away to a university. Being the youngest he tends to get a lot of attention from his mother. Priscilla is his best friend and sister. He spends a lot of time with her that some people assume they are dating even though they are not

Hobbies/ specialities: He is a really good swimmer and has won many championships. He is also on the school basketball team

Played by: mariasona  

Name: Charlotte  

Year: 10

Crush: Nune weelll maybe XD

GF/BF: None

Bio: She lives in the city (obviously) her mom works as a veterinarian and she absolutely adores animals. 

Hobbies/specialities: Art (she is very artistic! ) 

Played By:  puppylover1244

Name: Sophia

Year: 10

Crush: Uhh.. mmpph no one likes me

GF/BF: *shakes head*

Bio: She grew up in a small family in Chicago, the family moved to here and she was told she had to come to this school. She has always been shy and quiet around everyone. Charlotte tries to be her friend sometimes but Sophia likes to be alone. 

Hobbies/specialities: No one knows it but she's very good at drawing.

Played By: puppylover1244


Name: Hailey

Year: Either YR 10

Crush: None *starts looking dreamily*

GF/BF: None

Bio: She lives with her parents in a house in the city. She came to the school when she couldn't handle her other school.

Hobbies/specialities: Gym (I'm very active!)

Played By: puppylover1244

Name: Eric Martin

Year: YR 7

Crush: none GF/BF: none

Bio: an orphaned rich boy that gets what ever he wants when ever he wants with just a flick of his finger on his phone. Him and his twin sister are just as mean as can be. Hobbies / specialities:

 In Drama Played By:


Name: Erika Martin

Year: YR 7

 Crush: none GF/BF:

Bio: an orphaned rich girl that gets what ever she wants with just a tear. Her and her twin brother are as mean as can be Hobbies /

specialities: In Drama Played By: pspsp13

Name: Gabriella Clarke

Year: 11

BF: Brent Stock

Bio: Gabriella was born in Greenville. She has always been a popular girl. Her parents are both professional lawyers. She can be a snob and a gossiper sometimes, but is overall good. She takes a 1 month vacation to a new country every summer vacation and has currently been to Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Greece, China, Romania, Brazil, England, and Spain.

Hobbies/specialities: Gabriella is a cheerleader and does dance, too. She isn’t the stereotypical cheerleader, she is an all A student and volunteers 5 hours a week. She can speak fluent Russian and Latin, too.

Played By: Isaliela

Name: Zoe Crutchfield

Year: 10

Crush: Who needs one?!

Bio: Her mother is an art historian and her father is in the stock market. She has lived in Greenville for 12 years and has a best friend: Sadie Hensworth. Zoe dreams to become a clothing designer.

Hobbies/specialities: Zoe likes designing clothes and doing her and other’s makeup. She makes her own clothes and tends to go shopping at least three times a week. She is very good at English, but refuses to take advanced classes so she can spend more time designing.

Played By: Isaliela

Name: Leiya Bassett

Year: 11

Crush: Jacob Miller

Bio: Leiya was born in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Greenville 3 years ago. Her mother is a personal assistant and her father is a personal trainer. her hair is really difficult to tame, so she spends 1.5 hours doing it each day. She hates math and loves English.

Hobbies/specialities: She plays volleyball, basketball, and the flute. She loves clothes but hates shopping for them. Leiya can speak fluent Spanish and Italian.

Played By: Isaliela

Name: Sophie Lawrence

Year: 12th

BF: Alexander Bradley

Bio: Sophie has a little brother named Jake (13) and her parents are divorced. She lived with her mom but went to her dad's for a year and so now she's at Greenville High. Her dad is Anthony Russel and he is super rich but she hates him because he was mean to her mom and Sophie wants nothing to do with his money. Hobbies/specialties: She is a shy person but will make her opinion known and likes stylish/tight clothes and hanging with friends. She has always be smart and makes the A/B Honor Roll and takes advanced classes. Sophie plays volleyball and likes to paint.

Played By: Isaliela

 her phone

Name: Ellie Goldfield  

Year: 11

Crush: None

GF/BF: None, wans.

Bio: She lives in a apartment with her mom who is a shopping centre owner, she loves the beach, her favourite things to do is, shop with friends.

Personality: Loves to dye her hair different colours.

Played By: puppylover1244

  her dog Sparkles  her phone

her imaginary car that she will get when she gets her drivers licence  

Name: Rose

Year: 7

Crush: Nope

GF/BF: Naah..

Bio: She grew up in suburbia and still lives in it. Her dog Sparkles is the pet she most of the time spends her spare time with, Sparkles is a English Staffordshire terrier pup, nearly adult. Rose likes making friends but shy at it. 

Hobbies/specialities: She loves HSIE, she likes learning about History.

Played By: puppylover1244


Zoe is waking through the halls, texting her BFF Sadie about the latest makeup from Covergirl and the latest fashion. She bumps into someone and realizes it is.....

5 years and 7 months ago

anyone can rp off this

5 years and 7 months ago

"Oops!" Georgia said "Sorry!!" she said picking up the books that were dropped and handing them to her.

5 years and 7 months ago

(anyone can add on) Sophie is walking thorugh the halls with Alexander and he convinces her to skip. She has never skipped before and is really nervous.

5 years and 7 months ago

Ellie was walking to her locker with Hailey "What I don't get is the sience.." Ellie started Hailey saw Sophie and Alexander and suspiciously looked at them but smiled.

5 years and 7 months ago

Sophie tells Alex she doesn't want to skip anymore, especially since they have a science test next period. Alex says skipping would be good for her. Sophie looks around for help and smiles back at Ellie

5 years and 7 months ago

"Anyway." Hailey said turning around with a book in her hand "This should help me.." she said looking at it, Ellie nodded slightly but her attention was on Sophie "Hey Soph" she said looking at Sophie, Hailey's head was faced at the book but she mumbled somewhat "Hi''

5 years and 7 months ago

"Hi girls..." said Sophie. Frantic to have an excuse to not skip, she walks over to them and asks Ellie if Ellie can help her with studying for the test.

5 years and 7 months ago

Ellie smiled "Sure!, I've just helped Hailey out, what can I help you with?" she asked.

5 years and 7 months ago

"I'm not really getting the, um....." she looks back at Alex. "Can we go to the library?" Sophie turns back to Alex and says "I'm going to the library with Ellie, so I can't skip, sorry Alex" *walks with Ellie to the library.

5 years and 7 months ago

"Sure" Ellie said and got her back pack and walked with Sophie to the library.

5 years and 7 months ago

"Thanks, Ellie. You're a life saver. I don't know if you overheard, but Alex was trying to convince me to skip. I've never done it before and frankly I don't want to.'

5 years and 7 months ago

Ellie's eyes widened "Yeah, never skip classes.." she said and continued "Teachers get mad, very mad if you skip classes!"

5 years and 7 months ago

mariasona has been promoted to director of the group .

5 years and 8 months ago

Lance walked straight to his locker to take his books for his first class. He opens his locker and at the same time Priscilla cones and opens her locker which was next to his 'Hey..' she tells him in a gloomy way. He looks at her tires face in a surprised way 'What happened to you?'. She snaps at him 'That's what happens when you stay up all night doing your science assignment and get only an hour of sleep!' She then walks away to her first class. Lance chuckles slightly looking at her walk away before closing his locker

5 years and 8 months ago


5 years and 8 months ago

Abby and Georgia were waiting for class to start they both walked towards the gym door ready for gym prac. "Hey have you finished band yet?" Georgia asked in a bothered tone, Abby shrugged "Half finished." she said "I guess you haven't finished your Georgia from the tone in your voice?" she said looking at Georgia, Georgia chuckled "You seem to know everything I do and don't do right!" she said sarcastically. Abby sighed "Now don't start on me, just because your behind, well really behind doesn't mean you need to blame it on me" she said then noticed the gym teacher Mrs Flinch was coming.

5 years and 8 months ago

Priscilla rushed to gym class hoping she wasn't late. She had thought it was her English class and was sitting in her English class when she realised it was actually her gym class. She had rushed to her locker too keep back her English textbook before rushing into the gym class. She catches a breath for a moment after entering

5 years and 8 months ago

Abby saw Priscilla 'Hey Priscilla!" she said, Georgia did her shoe lace it was undone.

5 years and 8 months ago

Priscilla looks up at Abby after having caught her breath 'Hey Abby!' She looks around the class and it was still fairly empty 'All that running for this!!' She says

5 years and 7 months ago

Mrs Flinch entered the class room "Hello YR10!" she said in a merry way, "Now, today we are going to be rope climbing, I know I gave you guys two weeks to get used to rope climbing but this time I want to see how you went with your training. We're going to climb some ropes." she said staring at some long ropes hanging down.

5 years and 7 months ago

She looks at the ropes hanging down and sighs. She didn't trust her hands to be strong enough to hold on. But she had been getting better with each practise so she hoped it was enough 'You'll be able to do it?' She asks Abby and Georgia

5 years and 7 months ago

(I don't know if you noticed but there is a new teacher character)

5 years and 7 months ago

The group welcomes a new member: mariasona

5 years and 8 months ago

Rose was walking around the school trying to find class A1 for her Geography lesson (Anyone can reply this is just a open rp)

5 years and 10 months ago

Eric and Erica stood together on their cell phones sending texts about how the kids all dressed. They wore a matching blue and gold uniform.

5 years and 8 months ago

"Oh, excuse me." she said looking at Eric and Erica "Do you mind telling me where class" she looked at her piece of paper "class A1 is?" she said smiling.

5 years and 8 months ago

Eric was the first to look up, he simply glanced at her outfit and scoffed silently to himself and elbowed his sister.
"Class A1 is over there past that creepy looking statue" Erica said while pointing her finger over toward the direction, not bothering to look up from her text message she was about to send for her brother.

5 years and 8 months ago

"Oh thankyou" she said then walked away.

5 years and 8 months ago

Eric and Erica watched her leave and at last moment they laughed with each other.

5 years and 7 months ago

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