The Altai is getting 9 new coats!

The Altai is getting 9 new coats!

Did you like the Altai that appeared in April 2016 as part of the month of Mongolia?
Here is a great opportunity to increase the size of your breeding, or to start breeding this amazing animal.

Starting today, the Altai is getting a total of 9 new appearances.
4 of these new appearances are becoming the breed’s default coat, in addition to Black: Sorrel, Burnt sorrel, Bay, Black leopard.
In other words, when you adopt an Altai in the Cave of Secrets, it will have one of 5 different possible appearances.

5 of these new appearances are becoming fantastic coats and you can give them to your companion instead of its default appearance using the Fantastic Coat bonus: Sorrel with flaxen mane, Burnt sorrel with flaxen mane, Brown bay and Brown leopard.

We hope that you will appreciate these new features and that you will be generous in giving them to your Altai horses. Don’t forget to post links to them in the comments! 

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