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Nellahorse - Horzer horse breeder

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United States
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Job: Stable manager. Unemployed
Founder of the Hopeful Farms equestrian center
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Hi Guys!  
~ I will have 2 horses (Wind Chaser and Erik) up for sale once the are all 1 year and a half old or older.
~My horse, Arrow, will be for sale soon.
~My horse, Sweet Hope, is currently up for sale at Auction
~ I currently have 5 horses up for sale at Flat Price (Lucky Sky, Wind Racer, Sweet Clover, Barbie, and Spark). They are all non-purebred
   Rare Males Breeding:
     Spotted Dancer    Spotted Lyrics    My Only Wish   Moonsong     Spotsong    Dancer's Song                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


 Please look at the group "Nellahorse's Special Horses" to see which horses are for sale, and which horses will be put up for sale soon. :)


In the future, I am going to breed and sell more horses. 




H Lucky Mist  (H Lucky Storm Cloud x H Mystic Wonder)   x  Olivia's Hope  (H Rebel  x Olivia) are both purebred Holsteiners and they are both foals at the moment. Feel free to look at them! 




             Things you may know about me.... I DO own a horse in real life. She's a mare. 


I Will Try To Keep This Updated                            :D
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Friesian Horse foal - coat 51
Mustang adult - coat 26
American Paint Horse adult - coat 35
Irish cob adult - coat 35
Arabian Horse adult - coat 77
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 Nellahorse - 15 hours ago
Nellahorse leaves Christine in the Equine Resort center   Comment
 Nellahorse - 7 days ago
Nellahorse celebrates 600 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 anolelover - 3 years and 1 month ago
I'm happy! Thank you so much!   Comment
 pspsp13 - 3 years and 2 months ago
Hey Nella, (sorry if I seem like i'm bothering you now) but could you breed me 2 Paint horses? Male and Female. 500 each given a total of 1000 put together. I need some new blood to breed in with Pegasus and new members to keep the polo and Horse ball going. thanks.   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 6 h and 9 min ago:
Okay, I will do that for you as soon as I can. :)  Comment
 pspsp13 - , , , 13 h and 34 min ago:
Oh Thank you so much ^^  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 20 h and 32 min ago:
Do you still want those two paint foals?  Comment
 pspsp13 - , , , 21 h and 51 min ago:
Yes I do. It doesn't matter if I get them late, You can take your time breeding them  Comment
  ShadowSnake - 3 years and 2 months ago
Reserve me an irish cobb to please spotted lyrics   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 6 h and 10 min ago:
Did you want Spotted Lyrics? I can reserve him for you. :)  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 1 h and 53 min ago:
I was planning on selling MM It's Complicated's foal, would you like it for $700? O.o  Comment
  ShadowSnake - , , , 2 h and 43 min ago:
Yes i would  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 1 h and 47 min ago:
Okay, I'll let you know when it's born. :)  Comment
  ShadowSnake - , , , 1 h and 53 min ago:
ok but i can only do 500 now sorry i am running lowish on coins and i had e a received buy for someone  Comment
 pspsp13 - 3 years and 3 months ago
Hello There, So I've been training ST for a while and I'm looking for a Mare to breed him to other than Eevee for the moment. (Eevee is being put in training soon). If you have any purebred Friesian mares that can breed at the moment let me know. Thanks.   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 21 h and 16 min ago:
I have Amaya, who is up for sale right now. :)  Comment
 pspsp13 - , , , 21 h and 10 min ago:
Okay, well I'm gonna keep looking for a mare, he's almost at 100% NSI.  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 5 h and 15 min ago:
Okay. I know that I will have some purebred mares for sale in the future. :)  Comment
 pspsp13 - , , , 11 h and 36 min ago:
Okay, keep me posted on whats new  Comment
 jcelestini - 3 years and 3 months ago
Hello to you ! Quidam Patch is doing awesome. I love that horse you sold me. Soon I'm going to make him immortal. :)   Comment
  MistyMorning12 - 3 years and 3 months ago
Hi Nellahorse, Hope you have been doing good. Can you breed me 2 Appaloosa foals for me so I will have mates for the 2 I got from Sabrina_Porchers? I realize you only have 2 old enough to breed ATM, so if you could breed Spotted Perfection X Captain Krunch, I would like 1 Female filly and 1 male colt to be mate for the 2 I have. I saw your post to Sabrina_Porchers so I know each foal will be 600-700 for each foal. Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions.   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 3 h and 9 min ago:
I still have to sell Sabrina_Porchers a colt, but if I breed my appaloosas now and they have a filly, I'll sell it to you first, then try again for a male (to give to Sabrina_Porchers), and then to you. :)  Comment
  MistyMorning12 - , , , 12 h and 8 min ago:
OK sounds good to me Thanks. Let me know if it is a filly.....lol  Comment
 anolelover - 3 years and 3 months ago
Probably Spotted Lyrics   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 3 h and 49 min ago:
Okay. :)  Comment
 anolelover - 3 years and 4 months ago
I'm sorry to ask this, but is it possible for you to put an Irish Cob for flat price? (Max. price is 1,250 coinz)   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 3 h and 39 min ago:
Irish Cobs can't be sold yet. :l I already have people wanting to reserve them, but I can't sell them yet. When they first came out, you could sell them (That's how I got Johar), but now you can't. :l Also, because Irish Cobs are 3 premz' each, I was going to sell them based on their capacity and bloodlines (I know that the foals will be $4,000+. BUT if you would like to buy Spotted Lyrics or Spotted Dancer, I could reserve them for you for any price. :D  Comment
 anolelover - 3 years and 4 months ago
Hi, I am looking to breed one of my horses with your Irish Cob. I do not quite have enough, so please keep him on. I would love for you to breed your cob with my paint.   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , and 51 min ago:
Which Irish Cob were you thinking of? (Any Irish Cob except for My Spotted Prince.) :D The price of the breeding will be based on which horse you choose. :)  Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - 3 years and 5 months ago
How much for 2 Purebred Appaloosa foals (one male & one female)? Sire - Captain Krunch X Dam - Spotted Perfection.   Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - , , , 23 h and 37 min ago:
Also how much to breed my mare flake to your Captain Krunch?  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 2 h and 27 min ago:
Sorry I haven't been online. Each foal will be in the $600-$700 range, depending on how high it's capacity will be. Also, the female will be $50 more. :) To breed Flake with Captain Krunch, the price will be $300 (He's rarely up for breeding, so you get a discount :D)  Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - , , , 7 h and 21 min ago:
OK all sounds good to me, go ahead and breed me two Appaloosa foals (1 male and 1 female). Give me a few days Flake is already with foal ATM but I want to breed her to your stallion, I will let you know as soon as she can breed again.  Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - , , , 19 h and 43 min ago:
OK my mare is ready to breed now. Please send me a Private Breeding Offer for my mare Flake to your Stallion Captain Krunch for 300 coinz. :-)  Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - , , , 2 h and 36 min ago:
Hey NellaHorse, You there? read previous 2 msgs.  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 23 h and 45 min ago:
Sorry again. :l Would you still like a breeding offer for my stallion? I just bred my Appaloosa mare, so the foal that she has will be yours. :)  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , and 33 min ago:
Spotted Perfection had a filly that I named Hot Spot. She's going to be sold for $750. :)  Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - , , , 6 h and 25 min ago:
Yes send breeding offer for Flake please and I got Hot Spot, Thanks. :-)  Comment
  Sabrina_Porchers - , , , 6 h and 27 min ago:
Got her, now if you could breed me a male colt please. HeHe  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 23 h and 25 min ago:
I'll do it as soon as I can, I'll send you the breeding offer first. :)  Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 4 h and 38 min ago:
No problem. :D  Comment
 MoonMist - 3 years and 6 months ago
Hello Nellahorse, Thank you for putting Saltwater Jazz on the market for sale. He is a gorgeous fella ad as soon as one of my sisters (who also plays this game) herd that I aquired hin she was so excited about his Capacity odf 400.98. She got a mare from you a whle back, Underwater Princess Capacity of 401.05 and she wants to breed to him. .....LOL Thank you again he is great and I will take good care of him. :-)   Comment
 Nellahorse - , , , 21 h and 55 min ago:
:D I'm glad I sold him then! He's going to be a great addition to your barn! I'm glad you will take care of him, too. :)  Comment
 Nellahorse - 3 years and 6 months ago
Nellahorse celebrates 500 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 jcelestini - 3 years and 10 months ago
Hello, I'm so very happy to be working for you !!! Quidam Patch is doing great as you will see. I love him very much. (:   Comment
 Nellahorse - 4 years and 3 months ago
Nellahorse celebrates 400 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 jmpeit18 - 4 years and 10 months ago
Hey Nella:) u want to train my horse, Spade? Hes a purebred trotter, and if u get him 2 50% and breedable, u could breed him 2 french candy:)   Comment
 jmpeit18 - , , , 2 h and 11 min ago:
they dont die till around 30ish, and would u train him if u could breed him:)  Comment